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A word about Amnesty International

The event at the Leipziger Museum der Bildenden Künste, in which we, from Netzwerk Ella, just spoke about prostituion, was protested ahead of our arrival. Because it is, apparently, IMPOSSIBLE and UNBEARABLE that prostituted women speak about prostitution. Inacceptable, indeed! One of the groups among the protesters (Berufsverband erotische und sexuelle Dienstleistungen/ professional association of erotic and sexual services etc.) was AMNESTY. Amnesty apparently doesn’t want those truly affected by the issue to speak.

This does not surprise, as Amensty threw us women in prostituion under the bus years ago, when they demanded a full decriminalisation of „sex work“ and EXPLICITLY INCLUDED JOHNS, TRAFFICKING, AND PIMPING. Their justification for this was, that every human being is supposed to have a right to sex and that it would be an act of DISCRIMINATION to prohibit men from buying it. What is clear to us is: there is a right to one’s own sexuality, but there is no right to have anybody else delivered at one’s disposal for this.

And: Anybody supporting johns, pimps and traffickers to walk free is not FOR us prostitutes, but AGAINST US. We also have a critical view of the contributions from the audience today. A woman “researcher“ categorized us as being “far too emotional“. Sub-message: “You’re just complete losers, victim-mentality, you can only cry and sniff, but I – well I can think.“ Surprise! We can think, too. (And some of us, BTW, also are also researchers.) Accusing women of being „too emotional“ is bestknown patriarchal. You complain that we “play the victims here“, but it is you who reduce us to our victim status, you are the ones to say that we’re just whores, incapable of thought or political analysis. This boundless comtempt of women does not surprise us in the least, however.

And then, at the end, being told we’re racist, because we draw attention to under what CONDITIONS women from the poorest European countries have to be on the game here. The CONDITIONS are racist and we denounce then – from you, not a syllable on that. It is only our giving VOICE to the criticism that annoys you. What is happening here in Germany is the worst kind of colonialism. Women from southeastern Europe are to suck German men’s dicks to survive. NOT A WORD from you on that. But to spell out this fact is racist? Lay of whatever you’re sniffing.

We’re not suprised at you. But we are surprised that you still call yourselves a human rights organisation. Be honest and call yourselves PUNTERS’ AND PIMPS’ ORGANISATION.

What your protested here was prostitutes speaking about prostitution.

For us, Amnesty has lost any credibility.

Amnesty – go fuck yourself.


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